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Join Ms. Sonia Abraham and other speakers in the MSLSSL Employment Virtual Conference 2020  – COVID-19: Coping with New Realm of Realities.

Session 2 – COVID-19: Digitalisation and the Future of Work

Digitalization was a lifeline allowing businesses to operate remotely during the global lockdown resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic, continues be an integral part and will continue to grow in importance. However, the inevitable consequence is the heightened risk of confidentiality breaches.

In this session, Ms. Sonia Abraham, together will  2 other speakers will examine how organizations can identify and manage these risks.

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The High Court recently reversed the position taken in the decisions of a number of Special Commissioners of Income Tax tribunals in holding that sums equivalent to Bumiputra discounts paid to a State Authority in return for releasing Bumiputra units to Non-Bumiputras was not a penalty, was incurred wholly and exclusively in the production of income and was therefore deductible for the purposes of income tax.

The taxpayer was represented by Datuk Francis Tan together with Brandon Shen, from the firm’s Tax Practice.

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Our Mr. Rajendra Navaratnam joins a stellar cast of speakers next Thursday, 18 June 2020 in a Rountable on Managing Expert Witnesses and Hot-Tubbing!



Our Mr. Rajendra Navaratnam joined a panel of distinguished speakers, spoke in a webinar titled “Damaging Defects: Liability and Resolving Construction Disaster Disputes” held on 7.5.2020 & organised by the Asian International Arbitration Centre – AIAC.

The panel shared examples and best practices to manage and avoid disputes in a site incident, and provided an insight on several notable site disasters and considered issues regarding liability insurance, as well as the duty that is owned to the public in releasing the findings of an investigation.

To watch a rebroadcast of this webinar, please click on the following link:

ADR Online: An AIAC Webinar Series – Damaging Defects: Liability and Resolving Construction Disaster Disputes

Live-stream of ADR Online: An AIAC Webinar Series – Damaging Defects: Liability and Resolving Construction Disaster Disputes from Webinar Zoom. If you wish to join, please click https://aiac.zoom.us/j/300949504

Posted by Asian International Arbitration Centre – AIAC on Rabu, 6 Mei 2020


The live webinar organised by the Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) went successfully and well received! We are very grateful and honoured to have 3 of our Construction partners, Mr. Rajendra Navaratnam, Ms. Chu Ai Li and Ms. Karen Ng Yueh Ying to have been invited by the MBAM to join a distinguished panel of speakers presenting virtually on 2.5.2020 entitled Focus Group Dialogue to a record audience of about 500 on some hot button issues arising out of the Covid 19 crisis and resulting Movement Control Order.
For a recording of the full webinar please go to https://youtu.be/HJA-vTLS-gA
For the portions relating to our partner’s presentations on Extension of Time (EOT), Force Majeure, Frustration and the burning question as to whether to return to work or not and the legal consequences of not doing so please go to https://www.facebook.com/492764914083196/posts/4344486012244381?sfns=mo
The presentation handouts are available here for your reference.

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